personal-change-word-cloudBased on more than 25 years experience of working with people both within and outside the organisational setting, Anne Marie can work with you to explore options and draw up goals for achieving long-lasting personal fulfillment and success in many areas of living your life.

For example:

  • What might be stopping you from making a decision or reaching a goal
  • Thinking through an idea, a problem or a strategy
  • Maximising your time and energy management at work and at home
  • Taking a new career direction or discovering how to get to the next stage of your      career and what is the best way to get there
  • Life-planning for retirement 
  • Identifying and achieving a new life plan
  • Preparing for job application (Curriculum Vitae/Résumé, LinkedIn Profile),   interviews and presentations
  • Identifying and removing what is stopping you from reaching your potential e.g… assertiveness, confidence and esteem, interpersonal communication, relationship building, influencing, life skills, work performance, stress management and resilence…..
  • Identifying current levels of Emotional Intelligence using the EQi.20 assessment and developing a plan for development and growth
    EQi certification

I have already recommended Anne Marie to business and personal contacts and I intend to use her coaching skills again as I undertake new challenges as I have witnessed and experienced the huge benefits both in time saving/work efficiency/personal growth/goal achievement in such coaching. I would be delighted to give personal testimony now or at any time in the future in recommending Anne Marie. I am without any doubt that she is going to continue to bring dynamic change, optimism and business and personal success to any organisations/individuals fortunate enough to work with her”

Senior Director, Eli Lilly, Ireland

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