Assessing levels of Emotional Intelligence using Psychometric Reports

Despite the significance of emotional intelligence (EI) both socially and at work, its intangible nature makes it very difficult to know your levels and what you can do to grow it if you’re lacking in any area. With the support of an Accredited Coach and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, you can take a scientifically validated psychometric test, such as the EQi.20  and get one-on-one feedback on the results with a plan for developing and growing your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). 

Available to you with the EQi.20 Psychometrics are a variety of Reports including:

  1. Individual Report aimed at all human beings across the globe
  2. Student-level Report: ideal for students entering or graduating from Third Level Education
  3. Leadership Report: aimed at developing leadership from potential, to first entry into management and all the way up to gold star senior leadership level.

All EQi.20 Reports are available with 360 Degree perspectives which can increase self-awareness significantly.

Make an inquiry including methodology and T&Cs and order your EQi.20 Emotional Intelligence Report by registering here using the CODE EQI.20REPORT to learn from a scientifically validated source your current levels of EI.

Building Emotional Intelligence for Individuals with a tailored Coaching Programme

A one-on-one Coaching Programme will support the client in first of all discovering their current level of Emotional Intelligence (normally using an EI Psychometric Report such as the EQi.20 or ECR). Then, through tailored confidential coaching, supporting them in developing the aspects of EI that will help them most to achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

The areas covered by an Emotional Intelligence Building coaching programme of normally 4 – 5 sessions (Pre-work, EI Report De-Brief session plus 3 – 4 coaching sessions) include:

a. Understanding and exploration of the EI Psychometric Report including putting it in the context of the client’s life and career

b. Identification of EI areas for development that will have the most impact both personally and professionally. Formulation of goals/outcomes based on these specific EI area/s

c. Exploration of well proven behavioural change strategies for building Emotional Intelligence from more than 30 years of research and experience in training and coaching

d. Coaching questions, active and compassionate listening and clarification to support the building of new emotional intelligence habits that can be sustained over the longer term

e. Follow-up support offer for as long as is required beyond the programme finish.

Make an inquiry including methodology and T&Cs and then Register here using the Course Code: EICOACH for an Emotional Intelligence Coaching Programme: it may be the best investment you make for yourself, your relationships, your career and your whole life, not just at work.

Building Emotional Intelligence for Teams with Training Workshops

A training workshop for teams based on developing Emotional Intelligence is one of the most powerful ways to increase the effectiveness of the team while building their overall engagement and morale. Workshops can be conducted on a half-day or full-day basis and can be tailored for any area or skill assoicated with Emotional Intelligence. The most popular areas chosen by teams are:

*Self and Team Awareness

*Communication within the team and between the team and customers/other teams

*Emotional Intelligence to support remote and virtual working teams

*Skill building: active listening, negotiation and influence, collaboration, conflict resolution

*Individual and Team Reslience/Stress Management

Make an inquiry using the Course Code: EITEAM, including methodology and T&Cs and learn how you can help your team build Emotional Intelligence for higher levels of success and engagement.

Anne Marie is a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence with more than 12 years experience of coaching and training individuals, leaders and teams with the EQi.20 and the ECR psychometric assessments. 

Anne Marie is fully Certified to deliver the EQi.20  including at 360 Degree, has more than 25 years coaching experience and is an Accredited Senior Practitioner in Coaching with EMCC